Some Myths About UPSC IAS Exam Preparation – Truths

  1) They say IAS Exam is the mother of all exams. Is it? Wrong. This is just another exam. The mother of all exams is Life. You can afford to fail in IAS, but not in Life. So, take IAS preparation / UPSC exam preparation as a phase in Life, not as your Life. 2) They say IAS Exam is not for faint-hearted. Is it? If you think you are faint-hearted, better start preparing for IAS soon – it makes you stone-hearted. 3) One topper in an interview said that she studied 20 hours every day for 365 days. Is this true? May be she suffered from insomnia. Even now she will be working 20 hours a day as an officer. On a serious note, good sleep is very necessary for UPSC exam preparation.  It keeps you in good health. Don’t study beyond 14 hours unless you suffer from Insomnia. 4) Now you are saying 14 Hours! Are you mad? Calm down. If you have left your job, as a punishment you should devote these many hours. Didn’t you work 12 hours for your company? Anyway, every day at least 8 hours of planned s

If you are IAS Aspirants, then you must know the answers of these entire questions:-

  1. Can a candidate who has completed their education from an open school/university apply for civil examination? Ans . Yes, provided it is a recognized university and he/she posses the educational qualification prescribed for the exam and is otherwise eligible. 2. What is the number of vacancies in civil services for which the examination is conducted every year by UPSC? Ans . The number of vacancies is reported by UPSC/MPPSC in its advertisement/notification for the exam. The number of vacancies varies every year, the number of vacancies per year in the last 4 year has varied between 500-700. 3. How many attempts does one get to crack the civil services examination? Ans . Number of attempt for UPSC is- GEN. – 06 OBC – 09 SC/ST – Unlimited There is no restriction on number of attempt for All Category in MPPSC. 4. What is eligibility criterion for civil services? Ans . The candidates who want to appear for the UPSC & MPPSC civil services examination must have a g

Magical tips you must understand before start preparing for Civil Service Examination:-

  The UPSC Civil Services Exam is one of the most prestigious exams in India. It is attempted by lakhs of people across the country every year. However, only a tiny fraction of them can fulfill their IAS ambitions. The  IAS exam  is not only challenging in terms of the length of its syllabus, but it is also daunting because of its highly unpredictable nature. My name is Dr. Atul Kumar Nema, I have 18+ years of experience in teaching UPSC aspirants. Based on all these experiences, I am gonna tell you some magical tips, you must follow if you wanna crack the IAS examination.   Tip #1: Makeup your mind or Prepare Yourself Before trying to understand how to start preparing for UPSC you should prepare your mind for this journey. Mental and physical preparation is more important before starting your preparation. You need to set your goals and time devotion effectively. Firstly try to understand  the UPSC exam pattern        The UPSC exam has three stages — prelims mains and

Can you succeed in IAS Mains after 3 Attempts?

  Most of the UPSC aspirant keeps asking me can we succeed in exam even after 3 failure in a row.  Continuously failing 3 times in the UPSC Main examination could be due to any, or a combination, of the following things: 1. Lack of comprehensive preparation in terms of content. 2. Poor comprehension of the questions' demand. 3. Poor quality of answer writing. 4. Poor time management in the exam. 5. Average marks in the optional. So let us address them one by one. 1. Comprehensive Preparation:  With the syllabus so vast, and competition so strong, you preparation must be comprehensive and smart. You are required to have complete understanding and control over the pattern of the examination. For instance, one should have a thorough understanding of the sub topics of the syllabus, type of the questions they are asking, current scenario etc. Please go through the syllabus again and again along with previous years' questions for better understanding. As part of your prep

Features of Interview

 Interview is the milestone phase after Mains exam from where the life of the candidate is transformed. Our interview program is well designed to make the candidate comfortable & confident.The main features of interview program can be observed with the given points. What is interview,Its Aims & expectation. + Mock interview(4-5 session) Discussion on DAF. + Mock Interview (2 session) Hobby: Interrogation or interview. + Mock Interview (5 session) Discussion on decision making. + Mock Interview (5 session) Sessions on personality development + Mock Interview. (20-25 session) Session on Important topic based on political, social,economical,cultural & geographical importance based on Madhya pradesh. + Mock Interview (12 session) Session on stagnant topic like povery,unemployment,illiteracy (women education) etc. + Mock Interview(10 session)

Why Test series is important to crack Civil Services Examination

There arise 2 important questions in every UPSC aspirant’s mind. Number one is, is it worth spending time and money in taking the UPSC prelims test series? And Number two is which test series IAS test series to choose.  By taking the IAS and UPSC prelims test series; you come to know your weaknesses and strengths, so that you can work on converting your weaknesses into strengths. Apart from that, you can also get an idea about the time is taken for resolving each question (As a prelim is an objective type question exam).  Time is a very crucial factor in prelims where you have to find the correct answer of 100 questions in 120 minutes. It sounds difficult but believes it, it’s not that difficult with proper practice and sufficient studies.  So, taking the IAS test series is going to help you a lot by testing your preparation before actual exams.  Another important factor that you can’t simply ignore is the ‘Negative marking scheme’. Accordingly, for every wrong answer given by yo

How to choose the best Coaching for UPSC and Civil Services Examination:-

Are you looking for the best  UPSC & Civil Services Coaching ? You will need an excellent coaching institute that provides a great support system. there are a lot of options are available, and due to this most of cases students and their parents confused to choose the classes.   Why Do You Need To Choose The Best IAS Coaching? UPSC has proved to be the best source of employment in today’s job market. Due to very high competition, it's very difficult to crack the exam without the support of experienced guidance. As per a recent survey 11 lakhs, candidates take up prelims and 4 lakh students participate in the mains exam. there are thousands of students who are planning to join the best coaching classes for the IAS examination.   Below there are some tips you need to follow while choosing the best classes:-   # Demand for demo classes:-  To decide the teaching quality you must demand for free demo classes. choose the right time to start. Get a chance to s